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Units available for sale:
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Cooperative housing is a unique form of home ownership and has its own process. A prospective purchaser is asked to complete an application form and a credit check is done. The Membership Committee reviews all documents, makes recommendations, and forwards the application to the Board for approval. The Board makes the final decision as to acceptance based on its determination and the recommendations of the Membership Committee.
Once you have reached an agreement on the purchase price and terms, you are required to submit the following:

PURCHASE AGREEMENT: The agreement provides the price, terms and conditions of the purchase. (Forms are available from your realtor.)

APPLICATION FEE (Non-refundable)

MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION - You can download the application form here to begin the process. We encourage you to work with your realtor or contact Kirkpatrick Management Company at: 586-421-4360 
A complete application includes the following sections:
  1. Information for Realtors
  2. Membership Application Coversheet
  3. Credit Report Authorization
  4. Membership Application
  5. Employment Verification
  6. Bank Account Verification
  7. Application Agreement
  8. Transfer of Membership